Thursday, October 23, 2014

BTS : Hormone War MV HQ

Our Bangtan Boys released another MV 2 days ago entitled Hormone War. Unlike the previous Danger MV which was dark, sexy and serious, this one's more on the fun side but still with a dark concept.

Is it me or Bangtan never fails to make their dance moves look easy when we all know it's difficult as hell and they are always sync. It's one of the reasons why I love Bangtan.

The MV can really make you smile since they have cute dance moves *butt swings* and V's smile is like a Cheshire Cat. It's creepingly cute.

I find the dance comical yet it still has their own flavor. At first you'll find the video not so bangtan ish because it's not hardcore dance unlike their previous MVs it's more of acting but raping the replay button will let you realize their cute side.

Jungkook my 1st bias, looks so cute with his outfit to the extent I want to purchase a similar one.  He also smiles a lot in this MV. Smirks, smiles and comical facial expressions can be found throughout the MV so be warned my co Army.

The song is still a part of their recent album Dark & Wild so if you have not downloaded their album, you can download it here.

I'll stop right here and let you guys enjoy the MV in 720P in mp4 format

Comments, requests, spazzzing and reactions are welcomed. Ja ne~ 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

UNIQ : Member Profile + Falling in Love MV

Name: Zhou Yi Xuan

Nationality: Chinese 

DOB: December 11, 1990

Position: Rapper, Chinese Leader

Height : 183cm
Weight: 65kg

Name: Kim Sung Joo 
D.O.B: February 16,1994
Position: Main vocalist, Korean Leader
Weight: 68kg
Height: 180cm

Name: Li Wen Han 
D.O.B: July 22.1994 
Position : Vocal
Height: 180cm

Weight: 64kg

Position: Vocal

Name: Cho Seung Yeon 

D.O.B: August 5.1996

Position : Rap
Height : 180cm
Weight : 65kg

Name: Wong YiBo 
D.O.B: August 05,1997 
Position : Rap, Main Dancer, Maknae
Weight: 59 kg 
Height: 179 cm

A month ago, there was a sudden news that YG in collaboration with Yuehua is debuting a new boy group named UNIQ. It's a Chinese Korean group which consists of 3 Chinese members namely, Wong Yibo, Li Wenhan and Zhou Yixuan. While Korean members are Kim Sungjoo and Cao Chengyan. Their average age is 19 while their average height is 180cm.

UNIQ is read as unique and it also means unicorn. Unicorn because they symbolize pure spirit while unique because they want to embody the feeling of it.

They were trained for 19 hours a day in four years, so I expect a lot from this group considering the companies spent 100 million RMB as an investment to UNIQ.

credits to : bestiz 베스티즈

Last night they released the MV of their debut song Falling in Love, I like the song like you can rape the play button but the MV does not really fit the song. I was expecting the MV to be mushy overloading sweetness kind of MV since the song is all about Falling in Love, yes it does have the mushy part but the dance part ruins it. So I prefer the Live version compared to the MV. But I have to spazz over the fact that they wore plaid ish school uniforms which makes them extra kawaii. Why is YG producing good looking / uber talented kids nowadays? Not that Big Bang is ugly ok? I love them to bits.

credits to : 1theK (원더케이)

Chinese version

credits to:UNIQ GLOBAL
My current bias is their maknae Yi Bo, he's so freaking good looking like he came out from a manga and poof instant good looking Chinese bishie. I admit he caught my attention because he looks like Sehun maybe because of the blonde hair?

Still knowing their group so I have no more comments so enjoy their MVs and comments are appreciated. Ciao~!

info credits to : kpopinfo114 & UNIQPHILIPPINES

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Epik High : Born Hater MV

Hip Hop trio, Epik High is back with their 8th full length album entitled Shoebox. 

The album has a total of 12 tracks. They will be promoting 2 tracks; Wasteful Ending and Spoiler. It's one of the most anticipated album of Epik High because they featured artists like Taeyang of Big Bang, Younha,  Jay Park, Beenzino, Bobby and B.I. of iKon, Mino of WINNER and MYK to name a few. 
The music video is quirky, cute at the same time it screams SWAG. I find the MV unique because it only has 2 locations and those 2 locations have toilets.  I don't know if there's a deep meaning to it but I think it says I'm cool even though I do my business on the toilet, nothing can stop me from being swag. I also like that the featured artists have longer lines than the regular featured artists should have specially B.I. I must say he's the cutest janitor ever! Also when he was reading the adult material, his expression was priceless. Mino has swag, B.I is cute and Bobby was damn rich. Aside from the kids, Beenzino and Verbal Jint can also be seen at the video. It's rated 19 because they didn't censor any curse words which is rare in South Korea. 
 credits to: OfficialEpikHigh

I can't wait to download the whole album and listen to it. I shall pick my fave song soon~

The MV was supposed to be released last night but it was delayed as a sign of respect towards the victims of the Pangyo Techno Valley Festival Tragedy.

Condolences to their family and friends. 

Will post the album link once I get my hands on them on the 21st.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Event | Abreeza Fashion Forum : Let's Talk About Skin

When I was in highschool, I searched for a sunblock with high SPF that could protect me from the C.A.T training under the heat of the sun and I stumbled upon VMV. It was and still is expensive compared to the regular sunblock but at that time it was the one who offers the highest SPF so I urged my mom to buy it for me. Luckily she agreed because she doesn't want me to return to my old tan color. It's not that I hate my skin color, it's just my parents are both fair and I'm a bit dark so I want to be fair. My mom was even asked if I was adopted because I didn't have the same skin color as them. Lol

After I finished the product years ago, I tell you your thousands are worth it because the product will take up years before you can finish them, I stopped using sunblock and moved to things with SPF like powder, BB cream and day creams.

During the talk, Miss Maria discussed how important sunblock is and how it protects your skin from damage. I was about to say sun damage but not only sun does damage your skin but also anything that produces light like fluorescent lamp, LED lights and such.

She discussed how their sunblock, Armada, caters to different skin types and how Armada is proven safe and effective. They do yearly tests to 6 different skin types to see if their products do work and do constant research to make their products better if possible. 

"No specific products for specific race because skin us skin. The weather is the only difference." - Miss Maria Cortez

I was really shocked when she said this because most if not all people really tell that these products work best on Asian skin and such, it was the 1st time I heard about this.

Also, she stressed that organic does not equate to hypoallergenic because some organic ingredients may cause allergies but hypoallergenic may cause rashes like redness but it may only mean an initial reaction so she suggested that you do the patch test first before buying it.

She stressed that skin regimen should be a part of our lifestyle. Don't recommend chemical suncreen to cancer patients and babies because cancer patients are maybe undergoing chemo therapy and applying chemical suncreen may do more damage to them. As for the babies, babies are not supposed to be exposed to sun for a long period of time. 

VMV does not promote skin whitening but skin brightening which means that you can achieve the lightest shade which can be found at your inner upper arm or any other part which is not so exposed but you can never be Nicole Kidman white.

Basically the talk is all about protecting your skin from sun damage and it can be summarized by the video below.


credits to:Thomas Leveritt

Thank you for the mini gift! Hopefully I can post a mini review for their gift for me. Also, I want to thank Abreeza and Davao Bloggers for inviting me.  

Sorry for the late update, I was and still is sick and can't write a proper post. Guess my mind's full of fever. Lol

Friday, September 12, 2014

Team B : Wait for Me mp3

Finally Team B released their own song! I know some people look forward for Team B to be Ikon and I'm one of those people. When WIN was airing I was really torn between Team A aka WINNER and Team B. They have their strengths and weaknesses.  Team A has better vocals and their voices are much more distinct while Team B has good teamwork and their dance moves are not a joke.

Through Mix and Match, we'll learn who will be the last 4 members of iKon considering B.I, Bobby and Jinhwan are sure members of the group. So 6 trainess will battle out the last 4 spots and YG has no plans of letting the eliminated trainee debut under YG so it's like WIN all over again but harsher!

I really want Goo Joon Hee to debut. He has good vocals even though he joined YG because he's a good dancer but along his journey the teachers developed his vocals.
I don't have any biases for iKon yet aside from the 4 mentioned above because I want too see the show 1st then decide.

So here's an mp3 version of their single. 

Will watch it soon maybe when they have 3 episodes already?  I'm currently busy watching Superman is Back and rewatching Arashi shows while trying to continue my last sequel of my fanfic in  

Enjoy yeorobun~~
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