Monday, July 21, 2014

Sistar : Touch my Body MV + Album Download

One of my most anticipated comeback is finally happening!!! Unlike their sexy sultry image in Give It to Me, Touch my Body has a similar vibe to Loving U. It's fun and has this summer vibe but Touch my Body is more sexy and colorful compared to Loving U. Sexy in a way that they wore sexy outfits and swimsuits yet I don't find it sexually attractive but I find it sexy and cute. Wow too many sexy in that statement~

As expected in Sistar, the more you listen to their song, the more you want to play it in repeat and I have been doing it as of the moment. I will listen to their whole album when I get sick of Touch my Body. HAHA

Bora is like a living Barbie Doll in this MV with her orange wavy beach lock and purple contacts. Makes me want to purchase purple contacts and see if I can be like her. Soon~ Since I recently purchased 3 lenses. Their mini album is really mini since it has only 6 tracks and you can download it here but please if you love Sistar so much, also buy their album. The HQ mp4 version of their MV can be downloaded here.

So I'll stop writing since I want to spazz more. See you soon yeorobun~~ <3

Infinite : Back MV + mp3 download

So many comebacks from different awesome groups that I can't keep up like seriously. Personally, I'm looking forward in Sistar's and JYJ's comeback which will happen soon and I can't wait to write a post about it. Kyaaaa~~ ^-^

Anyhow, I'm spazzing over Infinite today because of their comeback again. I like this MV compared to the other one so I didn't make a post about it. I don't know what's with the word "BACK" that they made it their comeback songs; She's Back and Back. Unlike She's Back, wherein they were cute boy next door boys who enjoy their summer vacation while singing, Back is more on the darker side. Bad ass gangster who were trying to save someone close to them. The MV somehow reminds me of Wolf by EXO but a bit more mature in a sense that they give off that kind of aura and they were not school boys in the MV.

At first I thought WTH, the MV does not suit the song since the first minute of the song was ballad-ish and the MV was all about fighting and blood bath. But as the song progresses, you somehow understand why it's like that and I firmly believe that there's a second MV RIGHT? I mean you can't tease us like that Woolim nim.

I shall post the MV first since the release of the album will be tomorrow, I will update this post when I get my hands on the full album link. As of the meantime, enjoy the MV and the MV rip mp3. See you soon, inspirits!~

Inspirits can also download the 720p HD MV here.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fashion : Hey Mickey!

During lazy days, I end up wearing loose dress shirts. I paired it up with black cut offs but decided to wear it as a dress in this post since my thighs are so big it will give you nightmares. HAHA.

I wore this during my mini post birthday celebration since I didn't really celebrated my birthday this year because my parents were away and I always do celebrate with them and it was my 2nd time not celebrating it with them. It feels lonely. We had Korean dinner that night and I indulged myself in tteokbokki and in Korean chicken in my fave Korean resto, Seoul Ga,  which I believe is the best in the city. The resto is owned by a middle aged korean couple, so you really know that the food is authentic. Around the city, I only like this Korean restaurant because they serve their food the way it was suppose to be, spicy. Though you can request to lessen up the spiciness.Other restos end up disappointing me because they serve not so spicy Korean food, I can name them.

That night I also saw a kpop seller unnie. She was eating there but we were too shy to approach each other that we just texted our greetings. Also I tied my hair into a messy bun that time because you can't have any hair flying everywhere when you're eating your fave food. 

Bought this beanie because I was inspired by 2NE1, Dara and Minzy wearing neon beanies in their MVs and live perfs and I got it for only Php95 or about $2. Also I lost my yellow beanie I think I misplaced it for 6 months now because we changed houses when the year started.

The boots were from Bugis Street. As much as I want to wear high cut boots, it would make my legs chunkier so I opted to buy the low cut ones.

 Dress shirt : Disney | Beanie : Gmall | Glasses : Thailand | Boots : Bugis Street

Actually, that night I wore double mickey. Mickey dress shirt and Mickey socks. Cute right?

So, you can be lazy at the same time be cute and comfortable with your outfit. So how do you dress up during your lazy days?

Don't forget to hype up my outfit in lookbook~
*posted this outfit in lookbook days ago but did not post it here since I am experimenting on different formats on how to improve my lookbook photos since I find my own personal photos so-so, and I'm glad I finally found a way to make my lookbook photos somewhat decent.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Product Review | Snoe : #6 Antibacterial Brightening Citronella Beauty Bar

Sorry for the mini hiatus on my beauty review portion since I am currently upgrading my photography. I have been practicing for days now on how to use different backgrounds so that the product will look more appealing. I have been using white backgrounds for everything like in ootds, product reviews and stuff and personally, I find it boring but it looks clean so yeah. This may be the last time or not I'll be using the white background. So sorry if you feel that the photographs are fugly.
I feel the same way too. Lol.

One of the things I got from the loot bag was the Snoe # 6 soap. It says Antibacterial Brightening Citronella Beauty Bar. Recently, I have not been purchasing whitening soaps since my aunt and sometimes my mom complain that I'm too pale already and I don't like the papaya scent always which is the default scent of whitening soaps. It's not that i dislike the smell it's just I find it a bit boring.

This one's unique since it has a citronella scent. I researched about the benefits of Citronella oil since it is one of the main ingredients in making the soap and I found a lot :

    •      Being an awesome detoxifier, citronella oil keeps our internal system clean and pure, wohich reflects on our skin. By using this oil, you can easily get a healthy and glowing skin.
    •      Its antibacterial properties are helpful in reducing skin infections like acne, warts, boils, etc. The antiseptic nature of the oil also prevents the wounds and injuries from getting septic.
    •      Application of citronella oil on skin can aid our complexion to a great extent. It improves the skin tone by making it smoother and also tightens up the skin pores effectively. Due to various skin benefits, citronella oil is used in a number of skincare products including sunscreen lotions, acne removal creams, oil control creams, etc.
    •     This essential oil is also a good insect repellent. It can be applied on the skin to avoid insect bites, which eventually prevents allergies.

 These are the benefits of Citronella oil for the Skin alone and if you want to know more about the benefits of Citronella oil, you can go to this website, and learn more about it. I also got this info on them.

I like it's citrusy smell and it lingers on your skin for a while even after you wash it off. As soon as you rub the soap on your skin, bubbles appear immediately. I don't know what the right term is but it feels like you're using body wash since it produces more bubbles than regular bar soap. I also like the fact that it doesn't get mushy after using it.

There are times wherein I like my skin to be squeaky clean especially when I do some activities that makes me sweat a lot and this bar soap satisfies me. I also like how the citronella soap is not strong and it leaves a faint smell on your skin even after wash. It costs 139php, a bit expensive compared to other whitening soaps but it's worth trying since it's unique.


- smells good

- has a lot of variants

- produces a lot of bubbles like body wash

- leaves skin squeaky clean

- informative packaging 


- a bit expensive

- not all variants are available in one store

I like how they created something unique and they used common ingredients which were usually found in the Philippines. Other brands tend to use citronella as insect repellant spray but not soap. Who would have thought that soaps can be used as somewhat an insect repellant? Even though it's a bit expensive for a soap, it's worth a try. Also, don't forget to check out their products at their beta site and also their kiosk at Abreeza. They release new products almost evry week so better visit them every week to see their new products. 

I got this soap as a gift from attending their product launch. Other gifts will be featured here in my blog for the whole month of July as a sign of gratitude.

Don't forget to check out their site and other sns:

Official Website



Thursday, July 03, 2014

F(x) : Red Light MV + Live Perfomance + Album Download

Ay ay it's a red light light ~~ One of the underrated group is baaack!

Red light teasers picked the interest of the fans since they published B&W individual photos starting off with Krystal. Fans were anticipating it since F(x) teasers have this tendency of not having any relation with the MV itself and now I can say the teasers do have a relation with the MV.

credits : SMTOWN

Red Light's something new yet something old for f(x), the rhythm's somewhat familiar yet it has a new thing in it. The concept is somewhat military goth pirate ish which reminds me of Japanese fashion. F(x) ladies were very pretty with their quirky eye makeup, black and white clothes and some loud some tame hair colors.  I think this time Amber's gonna keep her promise in trying to do a girly concept and I believe it's true since she wore short shorts not as short as Krystal's and Sulli's but still short in her standards.  Get it? We were used to blonde Amber but now she's a redhead and Krystal has the same hairstyle as Suho.  I smell Sustal conspiracy here. 

 credits : Skpb K-POP Live

The comeback performance was great! They also did Milk which I believe is included in their anticipated album. THEY WERE SO BEAUTIFUL in their Red Light performance especially Sulli, puberty made her more beautiful and sexy. I believe she has almost if not the same body as Krystal now. How come maknaes nowadays are sporting sexy look while hyungs/noonas sport the cute ones. hmmm? Enjoy the performance and I would love to hear from you guys~

Anywho, in less than 24 hours,  the girls already gained 1M+ views in their MV. I really believe these girls need a big break! As much as I love EXO, well not that anymore since Kris decides to leave, these girls need to be promoted as often as possible. They debuted 5 years ago but still they don't have a concert on their own unlike EXO who only debuted 2 years agonand now they have their own concert tour. HOW UNFAIR IS THAT? Really. Aish. 

Congratulations to the girls and I hope SM will treat them right and give them the attention they deserve. 

I'll update this post on July 7 when I get my hands on the link of the album.

Sorry guys, EXO will be the first and last group I'll bias from SME. I can't afford to have another heartbreak. I was an almost Cassie, I think I don't deserve to be called a Cassie since I don't memorize all their songs and watch their perfs and shows but still I listen to their music and I was hurt when I learned that SME is not treating them right and TVXQ broke up. With that even though I like Shinee so much I decided not to be a Shawol but still listen to their music then EXO came, then you know what happened.  Sorry for the emotional rant/entry.

and as promised, I give to you the link where you can download the album for free but guys if you really really love f(x), purchase their album if you have extra money.

Red Light Album Download
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